[ardour-users] Xjadeo

Daniel Fort Dan at digiola.com
Wed Feb 8 09:57:13 PST 2006

> Hmm I have been looking for something along these lines for a while now,

Me too. According to the project description, Xjadeo should do pretty much
the same as Protools digital video playback.

> how well does it work in all actuality for people that have used it?

I couldn't get it to work at all on my Gentoo AMD64 system. Even if you
can get it to work, it is very limited as far as which codecs it can use.

> ...I wonder how much effort would be required to implement this in ardour
> itself for video support since that is what one of the future goals, or
> if the writers would even be open to it...

Xjadeo syncs to jack. Don't know how the developers feel, but it would be
great to have Xjadeo integrated pretty much like AniComp was done. That
is, when AniComp is installed it appears in the Ardour menu. (Although it
seems that AniComp support was removed in Ardour2.)

By the way, it would be great if a second system dedicated to video
playback could be synced to Ardour. This is what I have seen done with
Protools and Virtual VTR on a mix stage for a feature film.

Of course it would be great if someone could get any this stuff working
because I sure can't!


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