[ardour-users] Ardour, Jack, and FreeBob

Studio Zodiak studiozodiak at yahoo.ca
Fri Dec 29 07:07:02 PST 2006

Are you using svn to get the latest version of jack?
Recompile it using the right flags to the configure script.
I believe you will get a confirmation at the end confirming it's installation (freebob:yes)



Philip Fizur <phil at fizur.net> wrote:              Greetings
  I’ve been reading this list for a while and it’s been most helpful, now I have a question of my own.
  This evening I built jack, freebob, and ardour from their respective svn repos. All went well, I even ran the freebob tests and it saw my FirePod and all it’s glory. Running jackd –d freebob, however, returns unknown driver ‘freebob’. Googling this situation only returns one useful item which indicates that I should be running at least version 251 which I am (actually somewhere in the 300 range). So, any thoughts on how to make jack so what I’m pretty sure is a functional installation of FreeBob?
 Philip Fizur
 Web and Database Development
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