[ardour-users] Error loading sound files

Juan Aboites jaboit at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 20:29:55 PST 2006

Sampo Savolainen wrote:
> Quoting Juan Aboites <jaboit at gmail.com>:
>> Hello,
>> I recently moved some projects to another drive, but one is failing to 
>> load soundfiles with an error dialog saying something along the lines of
>> "can't load sound file. see programmers".  I noticed the paths in the 
>> error message were all pointing to where the session used to be, so I 
>> think that's the issue. I looked in the instant.xml file but there was 
>> nothing about soundfile paths, just geometry stuff. How do I get ardour 
>> to look for the files where they are? I'm on OSX 10.3, ardour 99.3
> Are these soundfiles recorded in ardour or imported?
> Do you see any absolute paths for the .wav files in the .ardour file of the
> session in question?
>   Sampo
Yes, the soundfiles that do not load were imported (linked). There is no 
path (or any) information for those files in the .ardour session file, 
but now when I open the session the error messages do not appear, so I 
assume I must have inadvertently saved the session and written over all 
of that information. That was the issue, but I assume there's no way to 
recover the work I lost with my mistake. Right?
As a side note - when I moved the session to its current place I moved 
the directory that contained all of the source material as well (these 
source files were simply in a folder inside the session folder), so I 
assumed that ardour would know where to find the files. I don't know, 
but maybe it would be useful to implement a feature where if the linked 
files are somewhere within the session folder (or sub-folder within) 
their locations would change in accordance with any location change of 
the session folder itself.

As always, thanks for the hard work and an excellent program


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