[ardour-users] Snapshot / Disk cleanup Question

Brett Clark Brett at ciscoinc.com
Wed Dec 13 13:04:44 PST 2006

Its been about a year since i started using Ardour (0.99.3), and im still finding newer and better ways of doing things.  I used to create a new session for each song that i recorded during a night.  I was in too much of a hurry during my last recording session, so i just created one session and used snapshots for each of the songs.  I would take a snapshot at the end of the song, and then create a new playlist for each track.  This worked well because it preserved all the routing of the inputs/outputs and busses.  Now, onto my question: will it take into account all the wav files when doing a disk cleanup, or will it only look at the files used for the last snapshot?  Im afraid of loading the last snapshot and doing a disk cleanup only to find that it suggests that i remove a file that belongs to an earlier (or later) snapshot. Has anyone done this?  Should i stop using snapshots that way?

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