[ardour-users] 2.0 beta9 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Dec 1 08:01:35 PST 2006


Changes since beta8:

 * various improvements and automation for VST-support build process
 * new playlist creation more reliable and slightly easier to use
 * Frontier Designs Tranzport support now included in tarball
 * timecode clock mode now shows FPS and drop/nondrop status,
 * audio frames clock shows nominal sample rate with pull up/down
 * big clock is bigger, clearer and glows bright red when recording
 * many, many fixes for automation drawing and editing
 * more reliable crossfade creation
 * new fader widget
 * gain numeric display is now editable to directly set gain in dB
 * defer history loading until the correct time
 * save plugin automation state
 * crossfade views are only as long as crossfades themselves
 * regions are translucent while trimming or dragging
 * show verbose time cursor when copy-grabbing regions
 * all transport clocks update when dragging playhead
 * add support for 80 or 100 subframes per frame for timecode
 * no auto-play after stopping a loop
 * right-hand editor notebook sized retained at all times
 * add "reset region gain envelope"
 * fix to avoid stuck tearoff drags
 * solo/mute/rec-enable now MIDI bindable again
 * FFT analysis window has better representation of low frequencies
 * hover-expand mode removed for several treeviews
 * fix broken IO connection dialog for non-english users
 * display timecode from BWF in soundfile browser
 * several more icons from Thorsten Wilms
 * mute sends+inserts when a route is not soloed but others are
 * small theme color changes
 * fixes to compilation/revision system, hopefully works for all now
 * track naming patch
 * canvas size allocations now more efficiently handled
 * region view respond to changes in fade in/out curves
 * undo/redo possible for some fade in/out operations
 * automation tracks extend to max_frames
 * fix display of +/- buttons in edit group list
 * undo/redo support for changing region start position, and
     changing end/length values for regions

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