[ardour-users] jack using multiple delta 44 cards and syncing without spdif?

chris simpson chris.m.simpson at gmail.com
Sun Apr 30 20:23:40 PDT 2006

hey all,
   i was recently reading that you can configure a setup to use multiple
cards (hacking /etc/asound.conf amongst other things), the example cards in
question where 2 x delta 1010's; syncing them together using spdif. i have a
delta 44 and want to expand with another delta (ice1712) card (haven't
decided if it's going to be 44, 66 or 1010).. but i want to do exactly that
- expand and not replace. the problem is, delta 44's are the only card in
the range that don't have spdif I/O ports, though i imagine some of that
functionality is inherent in that range.

   so my question is, i guess to anyone who either has tried something
similar or knows the delta hardware well enough, is it possible to sync a
delta 44 with any other delta card (using internal spdif or not)?


p.s. meanwhile, i mastered my first peice with ardour yesterday. simply
incredibly. (both the music and the software, that is...)
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