[ardour-users] 0.99.2 vs. 0.99.3 ardour.rc

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at doink.com
Fri Apr 28 00:47:07 PDT 2006

A while ago I started the habit of backing up and then removing my 
personal ardour.rc file with each upgrade of ardour.  Going from 
0.99.2 to 0.99.3 I find that the following is no longer in the 
ardour.rc file created the first time I started 0.99.3.

    <Option name="verify-remove-last-capture" value="yes"/>
    <Option name="periodic-safety-backups" value="yes"/>

It's possible that I added the above, but I really don't remember 
doing that.  Should I add it back in?  Anything else I should know?

Thanks muchly....


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