[ardour-users] ardour and jamin export

Hector Centeno h.centeno at sympatico.ca
Thu Sep 29 09:00:38 PDT 2005


I've been trying to export a project from ardour using Jamin for the
mastering. All the track are routed to Jamin and Jamin's output routed
back to ardour's master. I've been using the "Export session to audio
file" option and I get a resulting file that is corrupted (with aliasing
or sometimes total digital distortion). I noticed that after the export
Jamin becomes inestable and jack starts to throw lots of xruns. Is it
that Jamin doesn't work with the non-real-time export of ardour? Do I
have to do it real-time recording Jamin's output to a new track in ardour?

thank you in advance,


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