[ardour-users] GTK2 and Internationalization

muadib at in.gr muadib at in.gr
Sun Sep 18 15:21:18 PDT 2005

Hey guyz,

As far as I am aware, porting to GTK2.0 will solve a great deal of problems on this mostly favourite program of ours.
The obsolete GTK1 is somewhat being abandoned in favour of its successor, consequently dragging many apps along v2's trails.
Except the fact that Ardour now is a bit behind concerning user-friendliness in some points, we are all very grateful and happy to have and work with one of the Best DAW's ever!
   Unfortunately, at present, GTK1 is a barrier to many other languages, so the only thing we have to do is await for the porting to eventually occur. Having done an in-depth research, it appears that Hellenic support is awful on GTK1. Fortunately, this is not a fact with GTK2, whereas programs work great in other languages.
    Let's hope that this will not be a very long-awaited day to come, yet there's no rush at all. Good things come after some time...

    Greetings, gonna compile beta30 now!!!YAY!!!


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