[ardour-users] OSX Version and Request

Mat Wall-Smith mat at slashstarhash.com
Fri Sep 16 20:31:10 PDT 2005

There is a link on the download page.
It works fine for me under 10.4 and thanks for making such an immediate
compile of 30 available for us lowly OSX slaves : ).

One thing I was going to ask is whether anyone had created a clear
'step-by-step' for editing with Ardour. I am finding the process frustrating
because Ardour looks so powerful but feels very clunky for us who are
familiar with that proprietary hardware/software platform from which Ardour
appears to take some inspiration.

I have no doubt Ardour has just as an effective editing toolset as Tools but
I can't for the life of me work out the process. I am obviously being
hindered by ten odd years of Digidesign indoctrination and just need a
clearly stated working guide that gives me some screen shots that I can
associate with Ardour terminologies, key maps, and so on.

I have read parts of the Manual which is more Documentation than manual at
this stage.

Anyway I thought someone might be working on this type of thing - hopefully
someone with an understanding of the 'standard' approach to editing so
moving to Ardour from other platforms can be achieved with some ease..

I should say that I have nothing but admiration for your work or the program
which is just short a couple of versions on commercial software that has
been user 'beta'd' for 10 years now...When we get some sync pictures in the
timeline it'll be amazing ...



On 17/9/05 9:33 AM, "Brian Howe" <bwhowe at gmail.com> wrote:

> I keep going to the web page, but it just says keep checking back. Has
> anyone heard anything other than that? Or, has anyone had any luck
> compiling on Mac OSX 10.4?
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