[ardour-users] Ardour not showing as MIDI client?

Stephan Neuhaus sten at artdecode.de
Thu Sep 15 13:01:20 PDT 2005

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Hi list,

first of all, thanks a lot for Ardour, I think it's a great program!

Now, my problem.  I have an Edirol PCR midi keyboard that also has
controllers.  So I wanted to use these controllers with ardour and used
the "How to connect a BCF 2000" guide as a base.  Unfortunately, I got
stuck at the beginning, where it says to connect the BCF to ardour,
because ardour doesn't appear as a MIDI client, neither in Qjackctl, nor
in the basic alsa tools.  I can see my Delta 1010, and I can see the
PCR, but ardour does not appear.

I have connected the PCR to the USB port *and* to the MIDI in of the
1010.  I am using FC3/Planet CCRMA, and the ardour version is beta29.  I
 think that I must be doing something wrong because I can't find any
problem descriptions matching mine anywhere.  But what might it be?

Fun, and thanks in advance,

Stephan Neuhaus
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