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May I suggest an alternative? Check out Nabble's mirror archive of the Ardour lists: http://www.nabble.com/Ardour-f460.html

Nabble is kind of like Gmane, it archives mailing list into a searchable forum. People who prefers web forum can use it from the web to discuss things in synch with the list email users. I feel that we should avoid splitting the discussion into forum and list, because that will split the users and dilute the response rate, no? This seems to address Mark Knetcht's concern

Mark Knecht wrote: 
> Those who want it will use it. Those who don't will get emails, some of which will tell us 'That was discussed in the forum'! (If indeed it was....) ;-) 

What Nabble offers more than Gmane is self-moderation. jlc's concern about moderation is:

Jesse Chappell wrote: 
> The one problem is that there are still too few people who 
> *really* know ardour well enough to stop any potential misinformation or 
> inaccuracies.  Hopefully at least one of those people will monitor 
> the forums to save everyone else some trouble.... 

Relying on a single moderator is a daunting task. With Nabble, every user can rate the posts. Bad posts will be rated down quickly, low rating will be filtered out automatically.

There are also other features such as a fast search, and allowing cross browsing of all lists (ardour-user and ardour-dev) in one place. This way you can browse and search all ardour discussions from one place instead of having to go to lists and forums. Also, user can create sub forums by themselves for more focused discussions.

I am a member of the Nabble project. The reason we created Nabble is because we are technical people subscribing to a lot of lists and find it hard to carry out discussions in a scalable way. Nabble is free and also ad-free.
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