[ardour-users] Crashing when using Mono LADSPA plugins

Stefan Rinass st at rinass.de
Thu Sep 1 18:38:00 PDT 2005

Hello, (please forgive me for my english, it isn´ t that good)

i´m new and use since a few days Ardour/GTK 0.9beta25 on SuSE 9.3, using
a SB Audigy2, Board is a K7S8X using a SIS 746FX, 256MB/PC400 CL2, HDA
has 80 GB using UDMA/100, 2nd HDD (running as HDC on the secondary
master channel) has 30 Gig and provides the 2 Gig Swap. I mainly use
Windowmaker, but the problems do under GNOME also happen.

The first problem that i have is about the LADSPA Plugins. As far as i
remember, Ardour only reports it, if i try to use a LADSPA Plugin, which
has -two- inputs, but only -one- output. 

Ok, i´ve loaded from my old Cooledit Pro 2.0-Session a Stereo .wav-File-
Now if i try add load -some special- Plugins with -one- input and -one-
output (10-Band EQ for example), Ardour will crash immediate. Other
plugins with one in and one out are sometimes able to -load-, but if i
hit the "play" button, then it makes "click" on the right speaker, the
right channel will getting muted and the right channel will be added to
the left channel. The overall problem is, that plugins like EQ´s are
often needed and i cannot find a LADSPA-EQ-plugin wich has two ins an
two outs.

Is this a known "bug" or is it -generally- impossible to use a Mono
Plugin for a stereo track?

My suggesion: Ardour should only display -that- plugins which are
available for the current Track (Stereo/Mono). What -i- personally would
also need, would be a sort of search function for the plugins, cause
there are simply too many available.

Second problem that i have, is that Ardour crashes also when i try to
record a 2nd track for example. I´m able to record the track -itself-,
but when i hit the "stop"-button, Ardour will crash without any Message.
This problem doesn´t happen when i increase the latency of Jack to 2048
or 4096 (Alsa driver), as long as i don´t create a session with more
than eight tracks.

Many thanks for your help


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