[ardour-users] i cant get this to work !

Iwan Heskamp iwan at hetwasietsmet.nl
Wed Oct 26 10:34:06 PDT 2005

On Oct 26, 2005, at 8:03, shawn shaknitz wrote:
> My problem is that when i run Ardour it seem to just crash and what im
> left with is just X11 being displayind in the finder with the terminal
> window activated. Is this where i need to be and i just have no  
> idea what to
> do next or is it just not going to run on my computer (G4 powerbook).

I dind't notice this behaviour before as I always have X11 running,  
but I was able
to replicate this problem after I quit it. At the point you were,  
just start Ardour again
and this time it will start just fine. (So you actually have to start  
Ardour twice)
The other option is to start X11 first, then when that is running  
start Ardour.


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