[ardour-users] Laptops + 64bit issues

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at doink.com
Thu Oct 20 20:49:45 PDT 2005

On 20 October 2005 at 22:29, George J Chan <george at goodmusic.ca> wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a fully Linux compatible laptop?

I've got an old 700MHz Compaq which seems to work fine, including the 
Cisco wireless card.

> On another note, are there still 64bit issues with Ardour and various
> plugins?

I'd like to know too.

> Before I spend some cash on a dual Opteron system, I'd like to know if
> it will actually work.

I was thinking of a dual Opteron system at one point.  Someone on 
USENET suggested that I look at the Athlon 64-X2 dual-core 
processors.  It was a much better performance/price ratio, and that's 
what I got.  Even if not everything works in 64-bit mode now, 
eventually things will catch up.  In the mean time, my fallback 
position is that I can still run in 32-bit mode, and 32-bit SMP mode 


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