[ardour-users] how to install latest ardour

AA asokanon at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 19 20:26:49 PDT 2005

Hello all, I am using a stock copy of Demudi 1.2.1 and
I am going crazy trying to get ardour installed...and
I havent even gotten to the part where I get to try
and install ardour.  I am going through the
requirements as found here:
and it seems that this distro neither has any of these
required libraries nor does it have the ability to get
them.  I have updated my sources list for apt, and I
cannot find them, (although that did work to get all
of the tools).  I have then started to manually
download and install them and so far it is a
nightmare.  Specifically glib and GTK+ are insane.  I
managed to get glib installed, but then when I try for
GTK+ it tells me I need 5 other packages, so I try and
install them and they tell me I need glib - which is
the only one that I managed to get on at all.  
How does one go about getting ardour installed?  I can
find no *.deb files, no help at all.

Any advice is appreciated, 

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