[ardour-users] Sox problems

Thomas Vecchione seablade at softhome.net
Tue Nov 22 23:24:08 PST 2005

So I am trying to convert a file from a .raw(Specificly the raw data 
from a SD2 file) to a .wav in sox.  I know the file is good because i 
can convert it with audacity fine, but because I have about... oh 1000 
of these to conver tI would rather not do it by hand, thus I am trying 
to write a script to do it, but I cant seem to get sox to convert the 
file correctly and was wondering if anyone could give me what they think 
should be the working commanline for it.  Right now it converts the 
file, but into nothing useful..

In Audacity the settings are a Signed 16-bit PCM, Big-Endian, 2 Channel 
Stereo, 0 offset, 100 % import, and 44100 samplerate.

Now in sox I try all this, sox -t .sw -r 44100 -c 2 -x File Outputfile

Unfortunatly nothing seems to work, I have tried as many variation I 
thought would work and quite a few that I thought wouldnt(And they 
didnt).  What obvious thing am I missing?  And yes the endianess should 
be switched(-x correct) due to these files coming off of a mac, but the 
conversion is happening on an AMD64 right?  I tried it both ways 
anyways, but just checking my logic.


Who really needs to convert a lot of files in a hurry, yea for Mac SD2 
formats, gotta hate em.

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