[ardour-users] no signal on master whil recording

dragon fly perodog at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 19 07:54:20 PST 2005

hey people,
finally i got it, well i found a french site who offers a .deb packege of 
after that i installed about 200 more libraries on my demudi, so i was able 
to build ardour from source-after deinstalling the french version!
it runs beautifull stable, but there is one thing looking not so nice:
while recording a track master strip seems to be unactive, so i get sound 
but master does not shows the level!
in the moment i work using jamin as master, and routing everything there
does anyone knows this problem?
yesterday i upgraded the xlibs from 4.0 to 6.8 so that my keyboard knows now 
the signs like "@" and "€", but this didnot change anything about the master 
strip(as i was hoping)

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