[ardour-users] Ardour New-user and Linux new as well :D

TommyDrum mycooc at yahoo.it
Mon Nov 14 07:15:10 PST 2005

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O/H Favio at gmx.net ??????:

> I have dynebolics GNU/Linux installed, but I can't, by all means figure out
> how to raise the simple screen resolution to 1024/etc... 16bit. Because, you
> can't really do audio below that.

Caro Favio, there IS a problem with dynebolic and resolution in the
former 1.x branch, but there is a way of getting round (usually), by
typing Linux vga=791 (for 1024x768 at 16) at boot prompt. More info on

> And maybe, someone could give me a short 'introduction' to linux. I knwo
> that its open source, etc. But, in its core, or basic structure, what's the
> difference to, say XP? Is it, like in electronics, maybe a more modular
> system? What do i need to know, to get an idea of how linux "thinks"?

Good question! And many ways of resolving it: One of them [as of my
small (3-year)] experience is to install on hard disk a linux system
with a higher grade of complexity such as Gentoo, which is my current
system. You can find well written docs (italian also) in the gentoo site
( www.gentoo.org ). For some more "hardcore" (!) experience try Linux
- From Scratch (I haven't but lots of persons I know say good things about
it), where you get what the title means (DaCcapo)

> Thanks a lot guys, and if you wanna mail me straight to my adress, feel free
> to, if that question here is too basic for the list :)

I think there could be other new linux users that use either/both
dyne:bolic, ardour or LFS and maybe need help from you. At least that's
how I started so I think it's good the questions are public.

> Thx!!

Di nulla!


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