[ardour-users] Looking for Delta1010/envy24control info

Grant Wier ze at ze.yi.org
Sun Nov 13 01:06:10 PST 2005

7lb9oz Productions wrote:
> where it says Input and Output
> channels they are both set to 0, but jacks 'connect'
> button shows 12 captures and 10 playbacks?!?  Isnt
> this more than the Delta acctually has?   

i'm on a 1010lt, but i think they're pretty close as far as this goes,
i also get 12/10, which for my card corelates to:
8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs
2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs
and 2 "inputs" that're the output of the onboard digital mixer chip
(which is what's controlled by the Monitor Mixer tab in envy24control)
it's basically like a digital mixing console on a chip, allowing you to
set stereo output levels of each input and output channel on the card.
the stereo output of this mix can be set to go to hardware output's 1 and 2
via the patchbay tab ("digital mix L" and "digital mix R"), and it can also
be captured via the 11th and 12th capture ports.
it seems rather redundant with ardour and the rest, but i still like to monitor
it as it gives me some flexibility in what i want to hear, just in normal
day-to-day audio use (i.e. i can unmute one or more inputs just to jam without
opening any other apps, i can send the output of various apps to different
channels (via asoundrc) for hardware mixing, i can mute one channel of a stereo
stream, and mix the other into the opposite side to listen to just the left or
just the right and hear it on both sides, etc), but i basically just mute
everything but the 1st 2 channels for a normal stereo output when i'm doing
anything with jack and ardour, etc, and let ardour handle all the multi-channel
mixing and such. (ending up having pcm out 1 unmuted and up all the way on its
left control, and muted on its right control, then pcm out 2 unmuted/up on its
right control and muted on its left control, and everything else muted. this
works out to being equivalent to simply having h/w out 1 set to pcm out 1, and
h/w out 2 set to pcm out 2 on the patchbay/router tab)
don't feel bad if you're thoroughly confused by now, i was too for a while,
as was my friend when i first explained it to him.

> These are the basic questions that I have now, and so
> far I havent seen a "this setting is for this type of
> card" tip around, so I would appreciate some fellow
> Delta 1010 users input.  Walk me through a basic
> recording with the Delta, and point me to the right
> settings for qjackctl to use and make the most out of
> this card.
i don't think there's much of anything too card-specific for jack configuration,
so much as stuff thats just specific to how you operate... since i do mostly
overdubbing and like to hear things processed, i use ardour's software
monitoring and don't have any of the monitor options set for jack
i've basically just got realtime checked, my preferred sample rate set,
my working buffer settings (aiming for low-latency without xruns), and hw:0 for
the interface... nothing special really
for buffer settings, i have heard that it should always be 2 periods/buffer, and
that the frames/period setting is all you really need to change. what that needs
to be set to just depends on your system and what kindof low-latency performance
it can achieve.

for other envy24 settings, i just bump my ADC controls up all the way (since
they don't seem to prevent clipping if turned down) and just control the output
levels of my gear to reach into red on the meters without clipping, try to keep
the IPGA's at 0 if i can (i've been told they introduce noise and are just poor
compensation for low input levels, i'm still not sure about some aspects of
all these controls though), and set the DAC's i monitor to a comfortable level.
other than that, i mostly just like to look at the meters on the monitor mixer
to watch for a strong signal and no clipping (though i wish there was a real
clipping indicator on there), which btw is only accurate, afaik, if the ADC's
are turned up all the way like i do (again, my ADC control's don't seem to
prevent clipping if i have too hot of an input, so i don't actually see their
point at all, and if they're turned down then you could clip your ADC while
still not reaching the red on the monitor mixer)

well thats about all i can think of that i know to tell you, hope it's clear and
helpful... good luck

> Thanks to all
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