[ardour-users] plugins automations creats click, freeze crashes

seablade at softhome.net seablade at softhome.net
Thu Nov 10 07:17:47 PST 2005

I have found this varies from plugin to plugin, I would reccomend the TAP 
plugins I dont think this happens nearly as bad with, but I havent tested 
them all yet so explore around. 


Peimankhosravi at aol.com writes: 

> Hi list, 
> I have just got a G4 powerbook (osx tiger) and was hoping to use ardour on it. I managed to install ardour and all the pluings successfully. But when it comes to using the plugin automation there are problems. When writing the automation (using the sliders in realtime in the plugin window) everything seems and sounds great. But when playing back the track with the automations I hear glitches as soon as something is changed on the automation track. I tried writing the automations by hand and the same thing happens. The pan and velum automations work fine though.  
> I should mention that the cpu usage is very low so it cannot be related. I have also tried to freeze tracks but every time Ardour quits.  
> I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if these are bugs. But I would apretiate any help. I do live the interface and the simplicity. It would be nice though to have a cutting tool (seizures?). 
> Many Thanks  
> Peiman   
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