[ardour-users] OS Question

Peter Lutek plutek at infinity.net
Thu Nov 3 14:37:27 PST 2005

7lb9oz Productions wrote:

> Thanks for all of the help, I am at work now, but will being trying 
> this when I get home.  The only other question I have is about my 
> second HD that houses both the partition I record to and the /home 
> partition.  Currently, I have the /audio drive split apart from /home, 
> and I am wondering if there is any need for this?  I am doing it so 
> that I can have the audio drive formatted XFS and the home drive ext3, 
> but I would like to hear about how some other people are doing it. 
i've got my system (including /home) on an ext3 partition, then i use 
xfs external drives for all my audio. xfs has been excellent for me, 
although in fairness i should note that i have not had any trouble when 
occasionally recording to /home. external drives are the only option for 
me, because of the sheer volume of audio i deal with, and i read lots of 
accounts of xfs being faster for high throughput from large files (i.e. 
for video or audio).


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