[ardour-users] cmt or at least freeverb for osx?

Eric ej at ir.iit.edu
Wed Nov 2 15:51:49 PST 2005

Some follow-up to my artist osx use case story:

Exporting proved to be a usability problem for a silly reason:  ardour
doesn't make it clear that you must enter a filename.  If you don't,
and just leave it pointing at the session directory as it does by
default, it hangs when you click Export.

JackPilot often starts up using the internal audio device rather than
the firewire card, even though she clicked "Save" on its preferences

If you forget to start jack yourself, when ardour starts it at launch
sometimes audio never makes it out to your soundcard (perhaps this is
the above issue...tough to tell since it's not started by hand).

Jack sometimes exits unexpectedly because of the above couple

Jack forgot her 128 buffer size too, so she was running at 512 last I
spoke with her.  Disturbingly, she was getting xrun-sounding
choppiness even with that buffer size and no other applications

Despite all this, the fact that she's using ardour should be
considered a milestone, cheers,

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