[ardour-users] TAP and CAPS plugin packages for OSX

Taybin Rutkin taybin at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 2 13:04:34 PST 2005

If I remember correctly, packagemanager has 3 formats.  a 10.2 and under format, a 10.3 and above format, and a format that's compatible on both systems.  I'd check that first.


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Arnaud Gomes-do-Vale wrote on Wed, 02-Nov-2005:

 > >      Couldn't open "caps-plugins-0.2.3.pkg".
 > Same here (woth OSX 10.4.2), it looks like a packaging bug:
 > tap-plugins-0.7.pkg and caps-plugins-0.2.3.pkg are just regular
 > directories, not packages, but the Finder cannot understand it. Remove
 > the .pkg extension; then you can enter the directories and install the
 > real packages which are inside.
Actually, .pkg are bundles which really are regular directories
with specific content (and must have the .pkg extension).  The
finder *should* see these as special and give them a special icon.
Double-clicking will start the install process.  The fact that
it does not on your systems is odd, considering the same package
appears to install fine on other peoples systems with the same
OSX version, unless......

Oh, I wonder if your finder is treating my ZIP archives (that you
downloaded) like folders without the .zip extension, and then
Finder gets confused?  I think that must be an option, which is
why this isn't hitting everybody.  Let me change the name of the
zip files and have you people try from scratch with them.
Redownload the plugin zip files in the OSX section
from the following page:


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