[ardour-users] exporting tracks?

tito at rumford.de tito at rumford.de
Fri May 20 07:31:54 PDT 2005

Kevin Cosgrove <kevinc at doink.com>:

> [kevinc at music-gtk_ardour #27] gdb ardour.bin

Run ardbg, it's a script, read it to understand why. The same goes for 
an Ardour that's been built with "scons DEBUG=0": Run ardev in that 

> > In qjackctl -> Setup you can set a (much) longer timeout so that
> > jackd waits longer for an app to come back up again.
> Longer timeout doesn't seem to work as well.

My explanation of the timeout was crap anyway. Longer timeout means that 
jack's "You don't respond in time. Me kill you now" happens later. So 
there would be more time to get a backtrace. Now that sounds crappy 
again, doesn't it?

> A couple days ago Esa Linna reported what looked just like what I'm
> seeing:
> >>I installed PlanetCCRMA's RPM of Ardour (Version 0.9beta29-1).
> >> Works fine, except when exporting the session to file (wav or
> >> aiff), the system stucks and exporting fails. Is this a common
> >> bug, or should I try other version of Ardour?
> I raced right to the ardour nightly tarball, built and tested the May
> 17th version.  Alas, for me I have the same export hanging problem as
> before.

Hm. Ardour's export issues have been fixed in cvs. Something else is 
going wrong with Esa's and your installation. There was a problem with 
the freewheeling mode of jack (Export uses that in order to export 
faster than realtime) and getting back realtime-capabilities after the 
export. Your description of Ardour freezing doesn't match that. Still 
I'd try the latest jack out of cvs (0.99.72) to exclude that from the 
long list of potential showstoppers.


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