[ardour-users] Audigy to M-Audio

mArukqs marukas at hardcore.lt
Thu May 12 05:35:17 PDT 2005

Hi all,

My budget is quite limited, but I want to get a better performance and sound
quality for my home studio.

I found that M-Audio Delta 44 is quite good for my budget.
Currently I am an owner of PC with:
Pentium Celeron 900MHz, Fedora Core 2, ATI Rage Fury Pro (32MB AGP) video,
512 SDRAM, 2x80GB IDE hard disks and
Audigy soundcard (PCI)

Will I get better latency in ardour if I'll upgrade my Audigy to M-Audio

Do I get a better performance with M-Audio soundcard than with Audigy?
(M-Audio has DSP, but I am not sure how it is related with performance)

Or is it better to upgrade my old ATI videocard to Matrox SVGA G450FM DDR
32Mb DH AGP?  (The price is the same as for the M-Audio soundcard.)


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