[ardour-users] keyboard shortcuts

Torsten Anders t.anders at qub.ac.uk
Sun May 8 04:23:41 PDT 2005

Hi Orm,

On Sun, 2005-05-08 at 12:59 +0200, Orm Finnendahl wrote:
> does anybody have an idea, why the keyboard shortcuts for controlling
> ardour (space key, cut and copy regions...) don't work on a desktop
> machine running RedHat 9.0 with gnome and Ardour/GTK 0.9beta29, or
> what I could do to find out what's wrong?

Just guessing here: are your settings in .ardour/ardour.rc alright (see

Everything seems to work fine on Ardour 0.9beta29 on FC 3.

> BTW it would be great if there was a keyboard shortcut for saving a
> session. 

Ctrl-s should save the session..


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