[ardour-users] Re : No midi control !

Matt at yahoo matt_0pr at yahoo.fr
Thu Mar 31 09:22:22 PST 2005


Thanks for he help... BUT ....

..... I just (yesterday evening) ran a agnula 1.2.0...
It's just great :-)
I presume i just need a DSL connection -only 56k modems connections are
available in my village :-(- to get the lastests apt packages.
It's incredibly stable, usable in 10 minutes, i just dida little bit
configuration of the hdsp... 

I think i will compile ardour instead of getting the apt packages to
work with the beta28. Am I wrong ?

I'm just waiting the day i could write "mixed with ardour" on a CD ! i
think it will not be my last post. hehehe


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