[ardour-users] Newbie sick of windows!

Scott Helmke scott at scotthelmke.com
Thu Mar 31 09:01:04 PST 2005

On Thursday 31 March 2005 11:56, Paul Davis wrote:
> >As for your original post, which I was actually going to respond to
> >this morning, I'd consider FC2 and PlanetCCRMA. Get that set up, get
> Do not use FC2 for anything. FC1 or FC3 (FC4 is due out soon). FC2 was
> a disaster on many fronts.

I'm not a Linux newbie, but on the other hand I have little patience for 
heavy tweaking.  That being said...

I'm running FC 1 and PlanetCCRMA - I basically just followed the PlanetCCRMA 
directions and it all went easily.  Much better than when I was trying to 
build the packages myself!  

Anyway, Ardour has become increasingly solid just in the last year.  Very 
recently I've been using it to do some piano recording (four tracks at once) 
and I saw a single xrun out of several hours (and maybe a 100 takes) of 

And with open-source, you won't find yourself stuck on the phone, on hold to 
tech support, trying to get the software license and dongle to work.

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