[ardour-users] disk throughput problems with beta

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Mon Mar 28 12:18:12 PST 2005

Peter Lutek wrote on Mon, 28-Mar-2005:

 > > yes, but i'm about to try writing to my usb drive. hdparm numbers  
 > > indicate it should work fine. i'll report back.
 > yup, 18 channels, low-latency to the external USB drive works fine, again  
 > with recording waveform display off.

What filesystem are you using?  There was some research about
fragmentation of the audio and peak files (which are written simultaneously)
that affects performance.  Recently we changed (i think pre beta28)
the peak files to be written into a separate directory from the
soundfiles in the session dir.  This should have helped a lot.

Either way, the waveform display on/off only causes
the peak files to additionally be read after writing to disk.  They are
still written simultaneously with the audio.  Waveform display
also creates more video activity....


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