[ardour-users] Save Session vs Snapshot?

Mike Jewell msjmsj49 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 28 11:02:35 PST 2005

Hi All,
Some of the tips you gave me recently have helped a bunch!  Love the "e" and 
"p" for moving the cursors and the pointers to the Wiki manual.

Here's a few more questions if I may:

The Wiki manual states:

\\A snapshot is nothing more than a new session file. It still references 
the same audio and \\automation data as the primary session file.
\\Saving a snapshot does not change the status of the current session. It 
does not change what \\will happen when you choose SessionSave at a later 
time. However, when you open a session \\using a snapshot, choosing 
SessionSave will store the current session state to the primary session 
\\file, not the snapshot. Snapshots are essentially read-only ways to store 
a particular state of a \\session. They are not new sessions.

Ardour (for me) doesn't seem to be working like this.
If I load a saved snapshot, modify it and then do a Session -> Save,  it's 
the SNAPSHOT that gets overwritten with the new modified version, not the 
original session file.  Is this a bug or a PEBKAC* ?

If my "Zoom Focus" is set to "Edit Cursor", then the zoom out (-) button 
alternates between zooming out correctly and zooming out but also moving to 
the start (time=0) of the session.  Works great if focus is "Playhead".  Do 
others see this?

3)In the "Options" window, "Paths/Files" tab, "Native Format" dropdown:
   What's the difference between "Broadcast WAVE/floating point"   and
                                                 "WAVE/floating point" ?


Mike Jewell

*(Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair)

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