[ardour-users] disk throughput problems with beta

Peter Lutek plutek at infinity.net
Mon Mar 28 08:21:33 PST 2005

thanks ross and gerard!

all i needed to do was switch off the waveform display while recording --  
i have just recorded a full hour, 18 tracks, 44.1kHz SR without any  
trouble. this was with 4096 frames/period and 2 periods/buffer, so the  
latency is really high (186 msec), but that is not an issue when simply  
recording. i'll start dropping the latency now, and see when the xruns  
hit. i'll also test recording in other software.... perhaps this is an  
ardour issue, rather than kernel-related.

is anyone else here seeing this sort of DRASTIC difference in recording  
performance with waveform display on/off? for me, this is the difference  
between a useable and a useless system! the waveform display does provide  
useful feedback for me, but i can live without for now.

anyway... relieved to be up and running again.


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