[ardour-users] Help - planning

Josh Karnes jkarnes1 at austin.rr.com
Tue Mar 22 06:43:58 PST 2005

Jack O'Quin wrote:

> I must be missing something here.  Why not track everything using the
> Ramsa's converters and feed it all to ardour through an RME card?
> That gives 26 channels in and 26 out.  I bet the Ramsa converters are
> pretty good.  If you need better, go with Mark's suggested external
> A/D converters.  There are many available in a wide range of price and
> performance.

I think the DA7 only has 16 inputs, and 8 of them are attached to the
internal mic pres in the DA7 which are on par with compact mixers at best.

Ear-test says the Delta 1010 converters sound better than the 8 available
non-preamp-attached inputs of the DA7.  I'm sure there are better outboard
converters or even better sound-card converters out there but I really like
my Delta 1010.

I also really like the way the Delta 1010 works with respect to zero-latency
monitoring and the way the envy24ctl works.  Not to mention I already have
it.  I selected the motherboard in the computer, chipset, processor,
everything around the M-Audio card.

But that brings me back to the original point...  I have 16+ channels of
quality outboard pres and would like to be able to track 16+ channels
simultaneously using outboard pres and a combination of the converters in
the Delta 1010 and those in the DA7.  Sounds like maybe that's not simple,
but possibly doable?  The DA7 will handle 32 channels of digital i/o so my
preference is to use it for mixing, monitoring and control and only overflow
for input converters.  Only rarely will we need to track more than 8
channels at once, but if we have 24 channels of available input I'd like to
be able to use it.

Of course the easier solution for adding more inputs for overflow, since I
dig my Delta 1010, is obviously to buy another one, or even a 1010LT which
is very cheap.

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