[ardour-users] can ardour help?

Aaron aamehl at pop.actcom.net.il
Thu Mar 17 12:00:14 PST 2005

Hi all,

I have part of a mix gathering dust for a while because of some
problems that I can't seem to efficiently solve.

I just read that Ardour has a sample database and was wondering if
Ardour in combo with another application might be able to help me.

Here's the problem:

I am writing a story--a written story that I am portraying with music
and sound effects and nature sounds.

as an example a man is waling in the woods and it starts to rain and
thunder the rain ends he starts singing a song and the birds come out
and chirp (sorry this is so simplistic but it is just for an example)

the story will be 'told' with these sounds and singing and sound
effects. I want to manipulate the sounds as instruments, if there is
an insect sound which is rhythmic I will treat it like percussion and
other sounds I may cut up to get the effects I need.

I am talking about lots of sounds and a long story at least 30
minutes, this will contain binaural beats and possible subliminals.

So whats my problem: keeping track of the sounds manipulating the
storing them and finding them easily.

Working with another engineer we were sweating donkeys to find
suitable sounds and massage them to do what we wanted, it was a major
pain. Assuming I can find the sounds I want (this is very hard also) I
need some way of easily finding them and being able to try them and
discard them easily.

I thought about taking sounds and adding them to a soundfont editor so
that a midi keyboard could trigger them but it just seemed to add an
additional uneeded step to an already complicated concept.

Any ideas of how I might do this would be most appreciated.


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