[ardour-users] Delta 1010 .asoundrc

ross at lug.udel.edu ross at lug.udel.edu
Fri Mar 4 09:25:30 PST 2005

On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 10:34:17AM -0800, Kevin Cosgrove wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone have a pointer to an .asoundrc file which enables a
> Delta 1010 to work optimally with ardour?  I've had a look here

What do you mean "optimal"?  You should be able to load jack and
ardour and have all the channels accessible at the indicated sampling
rate.  I have a different Delta model, but the only thing in my
.asoundrc is stuff for OSS emulation.

If you're trying to sync up two delta cards, that's probably totally
different though ::-)  Otherwise:

jackstart -R -d alsa -d hw:0 -r 44100 ... other jack options ...

and you should be golden!

Ross Vandegrift
ross at lug.udel.edu

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