[ardour-users] MMC commands and remote control

Rob Fell robin.fell at ntlworld.com
Tue Mar 1 10:05:11 PST 2005

Gerhard Zintel wrote:

> I'm on my way to assemble a small remote control for Ardour using an ATMEL 
> mega8 micro controller and a few electronic components (price about 10 Euro). 


> PS.: if anyone is interested in the hard-/software of the remote controll - 
> I'd like to share that knowledge. A WIKI would be the best for sharing those 
> kind of information - or what would you think?

I'd started investigating a similar project myself only a few weeks ago 
- though sadly I haven't gotten very far since my old Atari I was going 
to use for prototyping the comms died.

I was really looking for more than just a remote control - I'd like 
control over multiple buses in addition to transport control.

I'd be more than happy to collaborate in any such enterprise - as long 
as I get to do some hardware again :) [Note: I've got little spare time 
these days so this isn't a particularly generous offer].


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