[ardour-users] Editing and other mysteries

Mike Jewell msjmsj49 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 30 12:46:25 PDT 2005

Hi Ardour users,

I'm using Ardour 0.9beta29 with CCRMA.

I'll start by saying how cool I think Ardour is.  But with the many bugs and 
largely missing manual, my learning curve is sure slow.    8^)

Maybe someone can help with a few answers to questions I've collected:

1) Can Ardour save settings like the Clock Modes, Tempo, Meter, etc.  And 
where would that be?  I would think every global setting you can make should 
be saved with a template but it doesn't seem to be.

2) There seem to be almost no basic editing tools in Ardour.  Like, for 
instance, I want to amplify a small range in a track.  Or silence a section. 
  I know the envelope tool exists but it only has 6 dB max gain and you 
can't SEE the resulting waveform change.  I find the visual feedback is 
often very helpful with audio.

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.

Mike Jewell

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