[ardour-users] Jack-Transport sync with midi-sequencer-apps

Markus Hein mahein at frisurf.no
Thu Jun 23 11:02:31 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm using ardour and I wish to let it work in sync with hydrogen, rosegarden
& seq24.

Because I have a lot of probs to get synchronized everything together, here
is my question:

which version of jack & ardour I need to install and which version the
slave-apps need to have for sync with
Jack-Transport ?

I also tried to sync Muse from Ardour via MTC but it didn't work.

At least, I need ONE midi-sequencer-app (rosegarden or muse or seq24 or
somethingelse) working with Jack-Transport parallel with ardour and hydrogen
to control my external midi devices.

Any suggestions? Thanks for help !

- Markus

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