[ardour-users] New to the list with some questions.

George Jones IV - Logic7 logic7 at cox.net
Fri Jun 10 17:05:32 PDT 2005

Hey folks. I'm new to Ardour. In fact, I haven't d/l'ed or installed it yet.
I'm a Cubase and Reason 2.5 user (with a touch of FL Studio 5) and I rely
heavily on VSTi's and VSTfx. I have a few questions for ya before I get
started with it.

1. I've seen that VST's are somewhat supported (saw a little blip about it
on usenet). What VSTi's and FX are supported and how is it done?

2. I don't see any mention of sequencing in Ardour, does it have one?

3. The machine I'm going to set this up on is a P3-550 w/512MB RAM and an
SB128 PCI card. All of my music is done using virtual synths and no acoustic
recording of any kind. The card should be ok to use for this, but I'd like
to make sure latency doesn't go above 20ms.

4. Any chance that anyone has Rewire working under Linux? I'd love to be
able to use Reason or Rebirth with Ardour.

I make Detroit Techno, Minimal Techno, Electro, and Deep House. I use FM7,
Absynth, Pro53, Lounge Lizard2, EVP73, EXSP24, Attack, Kontakt, and a few
free VSTi's for the bulk of my synth duties if I'm working in Cubase or FL
Studio. I use TC Native Reverb, Waves Power Pack, and a good number of other
fx. I need to know that I'm still going to be able to use them in Ardour in
order to be productive with it. 


George Jones - Logic7

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