[ardour-users] A PS to the last message...

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Wed Jun 8 20:20:28 PDT 2005

G'day Joel,

If you follow EXACTLY the step by step instructions Nando gives you for
installing FC3/CCRMA on the web site, be assured it WILL work. But, I
think it's a good idea to read the entire installation instructions
first, before you start, if you are a newbie.There is nothing worse than
getting part way or all the way thru an install to find you have errors
you cannot deal with, or you made uninformed choices and can't go back.
Try to understand the procedures before you start then you have some
starting point for troubleshooting. 

I always do a "custom" install when putting on FC3, that way I can
select all the packages I need without defaults. For DVD burning for
example, I always put in K3b which is listed under Multimedia Apps for
some reason and is not selected by default. I put in both KDE and Gnome
and I also put in the development packages for KDE,Gnome & Xfree86 as
some of these libs are required by many other packages you will want to
install later.
The Delta will work beautifully under Linux. Use the "envy24control"
mixer app with it and you'll be fine. 

Nando has done an extraordinary job with CCRMA; I think it's by far the
best pre-packaged audio disto there is for Linux. His explainations are
clear and factual. Stick with it.. it IS worth the effort.All you need
is on the web site.

Good Luck,


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