[ardour-users] Newbie still trying to get FC3 and CC RMA happening...

Joel Laviolette mbirame at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 8 15:24:56 PDT 2005

Thanks guys for the tips so far.  I am currently in
"pulling my hair out" stage.  I have installed FC3 so
far (maybe even correctly?!).  One thing is that I
burned 4 ISO's for the install, but I only needed two
the first two to install the FC3(?!).  I have since
that time found that:

1) My SPDIF out of my motherboard is no longer giving
me my audio out-I havn't tried to see if the straight
line-out works yet.  I just ordered a Delta 1010 today
and it should be here tomorrow.

2)  I tried to set up a DVD player on the FC3 and have
had no luck.  This isn't vital, but it'd be nice to
also watch DVD's.  Also, the DVD drive is also a DVD
burner, and that is vital to try and get working for
my audio projects.

3) I have installed "apt" (maybe even correctly?!),
but when I try and mount the CCRMA discs, it tells me
that they can't be mounted (using APT).  I don't know
if I am
specifying the right path to the discs?  Could this be
related to not being able to watch DVD's?  I have put
on ogle, but when I try and open a disc, I don't see
the DVD on the little pulldown menu.  When I put a
disc in the drive-however-the disc automatically
mounts itself to the desktop.

I don't know if these are things anyone can help me
with?  Is there a "Complete Newbie Walkthrough For
Installing FC3->APT->CCRMA->Ardour"?


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