[ardour-users] diy interface

BOBBY WHELAN 033151 at bathspa.ac.uk
Tue Jul 26 08:23:04 PDT 2005

hello, an obscure question for any technical peoples on the list,
I was wondering if anybody knew about building a simple (2 in 2 out for example)
usb audio interface, ive made USB devices before, for sensor input to 
the computer... I wondered if anyone knew of chips with built-in 
A/D convertors for 44.1k conversion, or indeed if there are any 
good web resources for writing drivers for USB interfaces? 
-does anyone know about this? 
and also , on the 'building from source' install instructions 
for ardour, does the list of required apps and libraries apply
also to macintosh? can these instructions also be followed 
pretty much the same on a mac as on linux? 
-thanks for considering these questions-
-bobby whelan. 

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