[ardour-users] Newbie defeated by OSS!

Don Fredricks ardour at handsfull.net
Thu Jul 14 07:32:48 PDT 2005

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Subject: Re: [ardour-users] Newbie defeated by OSS!

> Count me among the confused as to why Nate thinks that the Audiophile
> needed different drivers.

Probably because that's the official line from M-Audio:



Linux drivers for Delta- and Revolution Series 
Q: Is there a Linux driver for Delta- and Revolution Series cards? 

A: M-Audio uses a 3rd Party Vendor for Unix support. 4Front Technologies develops and supports UNIX drivers for the Revolution and Delta Series of Products. The software is available for free evaluation and non-profit use but 4Front charges a fee for technical support and commercial use. They can be found at the following web address: 


(end quote)     

I believed this official line for many months. It kept me away from Linux audio, until the joyous day when I stumbled upon PlanetCCRMA and ALSA.


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