[ardour-users] Re: Reduce(cut) tight range of frequencies

Stephen Dr_Steve at aanet.com.au
Tue Jul 12 06:29:14 PDT 2005

As Wolfgang said JAMin would probably be the best way to do what you are
asking. However, if for some reason you don't want to use JAMin you can
certainly do this using LADSPA plugins. I haven't got linux open in front
of me so I can't be too specific. However, you need to find a parametric
EQ plugin. With a parametric EQ you can vary the frequency which you want
to boost or cut. You will need to increase or decrease the gain of the EQ
and then vary the frequency until you find one of the strange peaks - then
adjust the gain down to get rid of it. The problem with this technique is
the EQ might act on a wider (or narrower) range of freqencies than your
strange peak. If you can find a parametric EQ plugin which lets you vary
the width (sometimes called Q) then you can hopefully get a better result.
(This is why JAMin would probably be better - you can adjust the width and
shape of the EQ more precisly).


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