[ardour-users] Mono signals and inserts

Dr_Steve at aanet.com.au Dr_Steve at aanet.com.au
Sun Jul 10 18:52:14 PDT 2005

Hi All,

I am a newbie to Ardour, but really enjoying playing with it. Used it
'properly' for the first time on the weekend by recording a friend playing
drums. However, my question relates to using inserts. I wanted try using
JAmin on a single channel using it as an insert. So I added an insert,
connected everything up the way I thought I should, and had a go. However,
I started getting a weird stereo effect. What I found was when you add an
insert the channel becomes stereo (a second panner is created) and the
JAmin signal was coming back on one channel (left I think) and the dry
signal was on the other channel (right). Hence, because of the inherent
time delay generated by JAmin (because of the FFT) a sort of spatialising
effect was being generated. I tried reconnecting JAmin and Ardour in
several different ways, but I couldn't get a wet signal on both left and
right. (In the end I muted the right channel of the track by right
clicking on the panner and selecting mute). Can anyone comment on this? Is
there a way to create a mono insert? Thanks.


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