[ardour-users] Re: ardour-0.9beta29: Compilation errors

Jens Radloff plixplox at yahoo.de
Wed Jul 6 12:35:23 PDT 2005


I seem to have discovered that on my system, which is a Beyond Linx from 
Scratch 6.0 installation, the latest ardour beta version 0.9beta29 and 
the CVS version from 3rd of July 2005, do not get compiled if I do not 
tell scons that ardour is to be compiled as a debug version. 

Whenever I do not tell scons the switch "DEBUG=yes", i.e. like

scons DEBUG=yes [other options] 

, then the build process fails with errors like:

`.gnu.linkonce.t._Z7composeIiESsRKSsRKT_' referenced in section
`.gnu.linkonce.r._Z7composeIiESsRKSsRKT_' of gtk_ardour/location_ui.o: 
defined in discarded section `.gnu.linkonce.t._Z7composeIiESsRKSsRKT_' 
of gtk_ardour/location_ui.o
`.gnu.linkonce.t._Z7composeIjESsRKSsRKT_' referenced in section
`.gnu.linkonce.r._Z7composeIjESsRKSsRKT_' of 
defined in discarded section `.gnu.linkonce.t._Z7composeIjESsRKSsRKT_' 
of gtk_ardour/new_session_dialog.o
`.gnu.linkonce.t._Z7composeIPKcESsRKSsRKT_' referenced in section
`.gnu.linkonce.r._Z7composeIPKcESsRKSsRKT_' of
libs/ardour/libardour.a(ladspa_plugin.o): defined in discarded section
`.gnu.linkonce.t._Z7composeIPKcESsRKSsRKT_' of
`.gnu.linkonce.t._Z7composeIPcESsRKSsRKT_' referenced in section
`.gnu.linkonce.r._Z7composeIPcESsRKSsRKT_' of
libs/ardour/libardour.a(session_feedback.o): defined in discarded 
section `.gnu.linkonce.t._Z7composeIPcESsRKSsRKT_' of 
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
scons: *** [gtk_ardour/ardour.bin] Error 1 

In the Mantis database, I could not find entries dealing with these kind 
of errors.

Maybe this information is helpful to other people.




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