[ardour-users] Random freeze with 0.9beta27

Neil Klepeis lists at netsession.org
Mon Feb 28 23:47:26 PST 2005


Generally ardour-0.9beta27 seems very stable (yippee!).  But 
occasionally I will get these random freezes while recording, when using 
anywhere from 4 to 16 tracks.  Apart from these recording freezes, 
everything is pretty solid (rarely any xruns).   After a freeze during 
the first minute of recording I can sometimes go restart ardour and 
record for an indefinite time.

Could these freezes have something to do with my video card driver or 
some other software that is doing weird things behind the scenes?  Or 
maybe there is still a memory leak somewhere in ardour.   Has anyone 
else seen this?


PS  I compiled ardour-0.9beta27 from scratch on a FC1 machine.  I have a 
powerful dual intel machine with lots of memory and SCSI disks; 
recording 16 tracks uses around 5% CPU.

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