[ardour-users] Session export ?

Josh Karnes jkarnes1 at austin.rr.com
Wed Feb 23 11:52:59 PST 2005

Matthew Sewell wrote:

> What kind of video card are you using?  Does it have a fan?  If I could
> get my PCs that quiet, my wife would be VERY happy.  The hum of our
> house drives her crazy!

Some old Matrox Millenium.

Not exactly a video workstation...  it's there for audio.  no fans on the
vid. card.  there are 64M nVidia etc. cards out there with no fans.  but of
course those hot parts don't get along well with minimalist (aka "quiet")
cooling techniques.

The real key is to make sure you are drafting air over the CPU, PCI bridge.

Oh and I didn't mention...  run the CPU fan also on 7V (all fans on 7V), use
a radial-fin heat sink (WAY quieter) and turn the fan so it draws air up
through the CPU heat sink.  and use a 100mm-80mm fan shroud adapter without
vents in it to run a case-type 100mm fan on the CPU.  running a larger fan
slower will get just as much air but with a lot less noise.

idea is basically to create an exhaust air flow to the p/s exhaust fan.  two
fans total in the machine... CPU fan, exhaust in the p/s, both running on 7V.

remove the grate from the p/s fan.  you may have to reverse the direction of
that fan (I just replaced mine with sleeve bearing fan).

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