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marco at deepinsidemyself.de marco at deepinsidemyself.de
Wed Feb 2 18:55:12 PST 2005

Hi Folks,

I'm in love with linux since 2000. I started with the 6.X? distri from SuSE and I always thought, linux is only
great for networking. I´ve recorded our last album with Logic under Windows although I never liked Bill's operating
system. And I got tired to use this digital playground!
This days belong to the past now because today I've recorded my first Song under linux. I used ardour and rosegarden4
whereas I have to say that rosegarden and jack caused 90 % of the problems to set up my machine.
Ardour simply records and plays back without any problems. Deepest kind of coolness!
The only problem is the synchronization between the programs while editing the midi stuff!. If I set
a loop in rosegarden f.e. there are too much missing note-offs when jumping back to the start of the loop.
In the end I have 10.000 of sounds playing songs of  non-silence!. Also I don't like the audio capabilities of rosegarden.
They disturb! I tried to compile rosegarden without audio but I had some senseless hours.
This was a brief description of my situation and, if you want or not, you will hear from me again!

Nice days


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