[ardour-users] Using external processors

Jon Morin jon.j.morin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 17:21:50 PST 2005

Hi, a quick question that I think that I know the answer to, but can't
test at the moment.  How would one go about using an external piece of
gear for processing in realtime in Ardour.  Say that I'm using an
M-Audio 1010 card (which I'm looking at).  Would the procedure be to
create a new bus in Ardour, set the input and output of the bus to an
input and output of the 1010, and patch in my compressor, reverb, or
what have you?  Or is this done with an insert?  I'm suspecting that
this is fairly easy to do, but I don't have a card with enough inputs
and outputs to test this yet, and part of the reason that I'm asking
this question is that it will help me decide what interface to buy.

On a related subject, have others done this sort of thing, and are
there latency issues involved with using outboard analog processors? 

I do have Ardour installed and use it, and it otherwise works great.


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